Free Mindfulness Apps for Beginners

Today, we’re going to take a look at the top six best Free Mindfulness Apps for Beginners.  The following applications are simple to use, hassle-free, and 100% free so these apps can help you start meditating today.

Meditation helps the mind to stay calm. It is the best way to manage yourself during a stressful situation. Meditation in the house does not need special tools. There are free meditation applications that you can start using.

Best Free Mindfulness Apps for Beginners.

1. Headspace

This kind of free mindfulness apps for beginners is one of the most popular in the market. Prominent entrepreneurs also use this application because it is easy to use and free. The user can start meditating with a quick start using Headspace. It helps to improve the quality of sleep or lessening anxiety. You can also get relationship advice from this app. Recently, Headspace is featuring a new mindful eating series as well.

What’s more appealing to this product is that you can track your progress every day. You can have a friend to help you stay on track if you have trouble keeping yourself motivated. They are offering in-app purchases if you want to unlock the new features and options.

CEO  Andy Puddicombe is the relaxing British voice behind the guidelines.

2. Calm

Calm is the best free mindfulness apps for beginners app for improving your sleep. If you’re tossing and turning in your bed recently, you can use Calm. It offers over 100 sleep stories that can get you to sleep. These adult bedtime stories ensure that you can fall asleep quicker.

It also offers over 30 soothing sounds and scenes that allow you to practice with no guidance. It has an unguided timed meditation and open-minded meditation as well. If you want to upgrade, you can unlock more bedtime stories and features. This meditation app is available for both Android and IOS users.

3. Smiling Mind

This kind of free mindfulness apps for beginners is best for beginners. It is a product of educators and psychologists to ensure the efficiency of the app. You can choose programs that are suitable for you. These different programs are for seven years old to adults. That way, it can suit your mind, and the practices are right for you.

You can track your progress and see the impact of your meditation process right after. There are no in-app purchases as this app is free. It is the best starting application for runners and the like.

Some of its structured programs include Mindful Foundations, Sleep, Workplace, and Relationship. You can perform these meditations into sessions that can last up to 42 sessions. You can choose where to start and end. Each session can last up to 15 minutes and 45 minutes for advanced meditators.

As of today, there are over four million people who are using this application. There are also audio instructions from some of the well-known teachers all over the world. Since it is free, no distracting ads are telling you to subscribe. You can only focus on meditating by yourself with this meditation app.

4. Buddhify

It is a free mindfulness apps for beginners application that offers a wide variety of free meditations. There are over 200 free meditation phases that you can choose. The subjects of those phases can range from relieving stress and managing pain.

The free features are more than enough. But if you want to unlock more features, you can start a membership. These features include Together, Formal, and Transmission. You will gain access to video courses, meditation techniques, and meditating using karaoke. The words that you have to say out loud will appear on the screen. This guided meditation is perfect for beginners. It is also an ideal for those who want to start meditating and cleansing like the way of monks.

5. Insight Timer

This meditation free mindfulness apps for beginners is available for both Android and IOS users. Its entry price is free. Scroll past the subscription screen to access the free content of the application.

It is one of the best free meditation applications because of its vast library content. There are over 25,000 guided meditations that you can choose from 30,000 licensed teachers. You can choose different topics. It helps to manage stress, relationships and gives life advice.

If you’re looking for a community-based free mindfulness apps for beginners, this is an ideal choice. It announces the number of users meditating right now with you. There are over six million meditators who are using this application from all over the world. You can even see the nearby meditators who are meditating at the same time that you are. This app helps to convince yourself that you are not alone and to connect with a community where you belong.

There are lots of teachers that you can learn new meditating techniques. It includes Sharon Salzberg and Jack Kornfield. They release new content to help you meditate.

Some users want a quiet meditation. You can set a timer and start meditating only with soothing background noise. There are over 2,000 free talks and podcasts that you can use in real life and draw inspiration. You don’t need to create a playlist on Spotify to help you fall asleep. This app also offers free relaxing music tracks.

Insight Timer offers an endless list of meditation choices. Each can suit what you’re feeling right now.

6. Stop, Breathe, & Think

It is the perfect meditation free mindfulness apps for beginners who do not know where to start. This application wants to ensure that its users can gain an intentional experience. It is preparation before diving into more in-depth and more advanced meditation techniques.

Every day when you open the application, you will see the question, “How are you?”. From then, you will answer questions and scales to rate your body and mind right now.

Based on your answer, this application will recommend mindful activities. It includes meditating, going out for a walk, or watching acupressure videos. These activities will help you to manage your feelings.

There are 30 free sessions that you can use in this application. You can choose to listen to a soothing female voice. Or you can listen to a warm male voice as your meditation instructor. Albeit the meditation sessions are short, only 11 minutes, starters should meditate. Meditation sessions such as Forgiving Yourself, Body, and Joy are one of the courses.

You can also learn how to breathe and relax. Or if you want to fall asleep better, you can listen to the relaxing sounds of the forest. It is the perfect application to understand the significance of meditating. This application is a great start before proceeding to more advanced meditation techniques.

Invest in yourself through meditations. Stop trying to numb yourself or avoiding your feelings. Sit down and use one of the free meditation apps to understand yourself better. These meditation applications will help you to start practicing mindfulness. As you go on with your meditation journey, you can begin investing in full membership. You can unlock the best meditation content from well-known teachers. These lessons will help you understand yourself. And it also helps you to deal with stress better. You can become an experienced meditator if you choose to start now.

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